Aile The Shota

2022年1月「AURORA TOKIO」でBMSGレーベルよりデビュー。

Shin Sakiura、A.G.O、tofubeats、Soulflex、Ryosuke “Dr.R” Sakaiらと制作した楽曲は、各配信サイトでの1位やメディア各局でのヘビーローテーションを獲得。
Kalassy Nikoff、MATZ、GANMIなど、アーティストやプロデューサーからの注目度も高く、楽曲参加は20曲を超え、その勢いはとどまるところを知らない。


これまでリリースした4枚のEPを以て、自身のキャリアにおける序章を完結と位置付け、第一章として1st ALのリリースと東京ガーデンシアターでのワンマンライブを2025年に開催することを発表し、次世代のJ-POPSTARに成りゆくことを宣言した。

ダンスをルーツにブラックミュージックに傾倒しつつ、J-POPとも高い親和性を持つ稀有な音楽性を保有する、”存在がジャンル” “存在が音楽”なアーティスト。

Emerging talent Aile The Shota, under the BMSG management/label, burst onto the music scene with “AURORA TOKIO” in January 2022.

His inventive collaborations with renowned artists, including Shin Sakiura, A.G.O, tofubeats, Soulflex, and Ryosuke “Dr.R” Sakai, have catapulted his songs to the top spots on various music platforms and garnered ample airplay across Japanese media stations. Esteemed artists and producers like Kalassy Nikoff, MATZ, and GANMI have recognized his potential, leading to over twenty successful song collaborations and many more in the future.

Aile The Shota’s distinctive and euphoric live performances have earned rave reviews, including his inaugural national sell-out tour in 2023. His participation in music festivals continues to grow, signaling his increasing influence in Japan’s music industry. Moreover, Aile The Shota is committed to advancing the next generation of culture of musicians and dancers by organizing an annual event.

With four successful EPs under his belt, Aile The Shota has effectively closed the prologue of his career as a musician and launched into the next chapter. He has announced the release of his first album and plans for a solo concert at Tokyo Garden Theater in 2025, declaring his ambition to become the next generation’s ‘J-POPSTAR’.

His enchanting velvety voice and stellar lyricism, paired with a knack for crafting engaging melodies, lure listeners into a reimagined realm of his music. Aile The Shota’s music, while heavily incorporating elements of Black music and dance roots, carves out a unique genre within the J-POP scene, demonstrating an artistry that is distinctive and harmonious. Aile The Shota is an artist who not only creates music but lives in it.